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Assorted Liquor Chocolate
Assorted Chocolate Truffles

When someone hears the word chocolate, it brings out the happiness in the face and joy to their heart. There is no fixed celebration when you have to gift your loved ones a box of chocolates. Gifting more than just chocolates will make them feel special. If you are into the buzz or just want a taste of Booze from your Chocolate, Darufills delivers you exactly that.

Darufills makes sure that they perfectly combine Liquor and Chocolate. The combination is covered in a crunchy chocolate shell of cocoa and the gooey inside oozes out with every bite. They are also shaped in convenient cubes that fit perfectly in the mouth and bursts with tasteful combinations.

Now you don’t have to wait for that long or rumble over what and from where to get Liquor chocolates other than Duty-Free shops. The scenes were set for the advent of homegrown handmade chocolate truffles with all the class, finesse, and flavor that discerning connoisseur’s look for is in Darufills.

They have a wide range of Assorted Liquor chocolate truffles that comprises of different flavors of Rum, Liqueurs, Whiskey, and so on. That tingle your taste buds and   your senses

When there is no time to go out and buy chocolate, it’s easier to just order online through Darufills. And what more? They deliver to most of the metropolitan cities of India!

They make sure that every box of chocolates is packed with Love to ensure that the product reaches the consumer in a pristine state, and take extra care to bring the happiness out of the receiver. They have amazing packaging too! If you are looking for the best gift for your friend or loved ones, this is the best place to order from.

Darufills Limited Edition Gift Box
Limited Edition Chocolate Truffle


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