Distinct Flavors of Darufills

Well, Darufills is popularly known for its bold and unique flavors of chocolate. We include 9 different liquor in our chocolate to give refreshing taste to all the chocolate we make. It all started with the love for chocolate and spirit, whether it is that time of the year, where the colors and sweetness celebrate the festive season or you are just travelling back home after a long vacation, we all seek for something sweet and rich, just like chocolates to be gifted. and trust us, we know it all.

9 Shades of Darufills
1. Baudin Chocolate Truffle

Baudin Liquor Chocolate Truffle

It has the strong flavor of Brandy with a little hint of tangy and sweetness, that makes this chocolate special one to share with your loved one. We can also find the hidden flavors of grapes with this sensational blend.

2. Ti Connie Chocolate Truffle

Ti Connie Coffee Liquor Chocolate Truffle

This is a fascinating infusion of the finest coffee beans with a touch of Rum. It is a balance of caramel note in chocolate and it drives anyone to its deliciousness and makes them passionate towards having it more.

3. Gilmore Chocolate Truffle

Gilmore 18 Whiskey Liquor Chocolate Truffle

Gilmore is the rare species of liquor chocolate, that we can find in the market, its the combination of rare malted Whiskey and chocolate and Gilmore is uniquely crafted to deliver unparalleled smoothness and deep flavor.

4. Elvis Dark Mate Rum Chocolate Truffle

Elvis Dark Mate Rum Chocolate Truffle

It has the most alluring flavor of Rum and the most convenient taste of Rum in the chocolate, that definitely one is not enough. The balanced flavor of Rum and chocolate, makes it rare and one of the kind.

5. Peachy Swirl Chocolate Truffle

Peachy Swirl Liquor Chocolate Truffle

You can unveil the hidden flavors of Summer and once you have a bite, Peachy aroma pops out, it will bring you the perfect definition of fresh Peach Liquor  in chocolate. It is seasoned in perfect harmony to reveal its deep amber tone in a smooth and distinct taste.
6. Voodoo Chocolate Truffle

Voodoo Cream Liqueur Chocolate Truffle

Just like the name flavors in Voodoo is mystical, its a liquor chocolate truffle made out of the finest ingredients from Italy, perfectly indulged into the fresh and the purest of Milk Cream and Whiskey.

7. Cabo Coconut Chocolate Truffle

Cabo Coconut Rum Liqueur Chocolate Truffle

It basically originated in beaches of Goa, it has refreshing taste of finest tender coconut and gives you the experience of a beautiful blend of the mouthwatering coconut and chocolate.

8. Swirl Triple Sec Chocolate Truffle

Swirl Triple Sec Chocolate Truffles

It contains the enduring taste of orange along with the sweet texture of dark chocolates which make it’s even more interesting. The circus flavor of the chocolate makes us dive inside the chocolate.

9. Cashew Feni Chocolate Truffle

Cashew Feni Chocolate Truffle

The configuration of Dark chocolate a Feni is not a regular combination and it comes with geographical importance also. You can superlatively experience and enjoy the taste of it.

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