Friendship Day Gifts

Friendship Day offer

Friendship day gifts play a significant role in strengthening your bond with your friend and building that long-lasting relationship with your friend. So friendship gifts must therefore be selected with love and care. As the new era of Friendship starts, gone are the days of gifting, same old boring cards or Home décor item. The […]

Easter Chocolates

The best gifts are the ones that show the people we love how well we know them and the little things that make them who they are. Giving someone a gift that they truly love is such a great feeling, but it’s not always the easiest tasks Easter is the festival of hope and faith […]

Distinct Flavors of Darufills

Well, Darufills is popularly known for its bold and unique flavors of chocolate. We include 9 different liquor in our chocolate to give refreshing taste to all the chocolate we make. It all started with the love for chocolate and spirit, whether it is that time of the year, where the colors and sweetness celebrate […]

What are Liquor Chocolates?

Infusing liquor into chocolates was a new invention which started in the early 19th century. There is the mention it was developed in Switzerland in the 1930s using a process that involved a thin sugar shell enrobed in chocolate. Shell-free varieties appeared in the 1950s and were popularized in Austria. However, there was some precedent […]

Best Liquor Chocolates In India

  When someone hears the word chocolate, it brings out the happiness in the face and joy to their heart. There is no fixed celebration when you have to gift your loved ones a box of chocolates. Gifting more than just chocolates will make them feel special. If you are into the buzz or just […]