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Are Your Chocolates Vegetarian?

All Our Chocolates Are Vegetarian And Do Not Contain Eggs.

What Do I Do In Case I Receive My Item In A Damaged/ Inedible State?

Although We Take Utmost Care To Ensure That Every Box Of Chocolates Is Packed To Ensure That The Product Reaches The Consumer In A Pristine State, On Some Occasions There Are Circumstances Beyond Our Control That May Affect The Packing Or The Product. If An Item Ordered By You On The Darufills.Com Website Is Delivered To You In A Damaged / Inedible Condition, Please Email Us An Image Of The Damaged Product At Support@Darufills.Com And We Will Get Back To You.

What Are The Most Common Allergies That Those Of Us In The Chocolate Business Must Be Aware Of?

The Most Common Allergies Are To Peanuts, Tree Nuts (Almonds, Hazelnuts), Milk, Soy Lecithin, And Gluten. Although The Evidence Is Slim, Some People May Be Allergic To Chocolate Itself. People Who Should Not Eat Liqueur/Non Liqueur Chocolates Include: Anyone With A Nut Allergy Since The Nut Oils Transfer From Mold To Mold. Anyone Who Believes He Or She Is Allergic To Chocolate.

What Do I Do If I Received A Different Product?

We Make Sure That This Scenario Will Not Occur, As We Take Utmost Care To Ensure That The Product Ordered By The Customer Is Only Received, But On Some Occasions There Are Circumstances Beyond Our Control And You Receive A Different Product, You Can Contact Us At Support@Darufills.Com And We Will Get Back To You.

Can I Refrigerate Liqueur Chocolates?

Chocolate Can Be Refrigerated For Up To 3-4 Months If You Place Them In Two Sealed Plastic Bags. When You Are Ready To Enjoy Them, They Must Be Thawed At Room Temperature For About Two Hours. It’s Very Important To Remember That The Chocolate Must Reach Room Temperature For The Fillings And Chocolate To Be At Their Best.

What’s The Best Way To Store My Liqueur Chocolate At Home?

Generally Speaking, You Should Keep Your Chocolates In A Cool, Dry, Odorless Place Where The Temperature Only Reaches 18-21º C. You Should Maintain A Consistent Temperature So That Your Chocolate Doesn’t Experience Any “Shock” From Being Hot Then Cold Or Vice Versa. This Can Have An Adverse Reaction On The Chocolate Called “Bloom.”

How Long Will Liqueur Chocolate Keep Their Fresh Taste?

Liqueur Chocolate Truffles Have To Be Consumed As Fresh As Possible, To Taste Best As Long As They Are Kept Away From Heat And Humidity. Generally, They Have A Shelf Life Of Up To 6 Months.

Can You Be Allergic To Liqueur/Non Liqueur Chocolates?

Sure, It Is Possible To Be Allergic To Liqueur/Non Liqueur Chocolates, But True Chocolate Allergies Are Very Rare. It’s Much More Likely Someone Will Be Allergic To An Ingredient In A Chocolate Product. The Eight Most Common Food Allergies: Milk, Egg, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Soy, Wheat.

Do Your Liqueur Chocolates Contain Alcohol?

Liqueur Chocolates Contain Permissible Limit Of Alcohol Content In Each Chocolate Truffles, Small Traces Of Ethyl Alcohol Contents Were Found Which Is Suitable For Human Consumption. “THESE CHOCOLATES ARE STRICTLY FOR ADULT CONSUMPTION ONLY, UNLAWFUL TO SELL OR GIVE TO PERSONS UNDER 21 YEARS OF AGE.”


Why Am I Not Able To Order From Darufills.Com?

You Must Be 21 Years And Above To Order From Darufills.Com. If You Are Still Not Able To Order Please Write Us An Email At Support@Darufills.Com And We Will Get Back To You In The Earliest.


What Is The Best Way To Ship Liqueur Chocolate?

The Best Way Is To Let Darufills.Com Ship Them For You.


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