What are Liquor Chocolates?

Infusing liquor into chocolates was a new invention which started in the early 19th century. There is the mention it was developed in Switzerland in the 1930s using a process that involved a thin sugar shell enrobed in chocolate. Shell-free varieties appeared in the 1950s and were popularized in Austria. However, there was some precedent since the 18th century French had been making the cake, candy and pastry known as “girotte” this technique involved soaking a sour cherry in kirsch and then covering it in cocoa and later in chocolate. By the end of the 19th century combining liquor in chocolates had become more popular. The main reason behind this technique was to create the next generation flavor in chocolates, it also made the people who don’t like or eat chocolate to chocolates to try these liquor infused chocolates.

Liquor Chocolates
Darufills- Liquor Chocolates Truffles in India
Chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate are common and very popular from ages but the trending young generation is expecting something different from the routine chocolate flavors. Darufills was started with a passion and vision of creating a new and exciting flavor of chocolates. It has created the emerging and gen-next liquor chocolate truffles with amazing and different spirits. Each and every flavor of it is very distinctive, filled with great taste.

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